• Rice Rolls

    Rice Rolls

    Delicious & Diet friendly! • Gluten Free • No Preservatives • No Artificial Colors • Good Source of Fibers • No Glutamat • with Olive Oil • No GMO • 50 g

  • Rice Chips

    Rice Chips

    extremely crispy! not fried! 50% less fat! • Gluten Free • No Preservatives • No Artificial Colours • Good Source of Fibers • with Olive Oil • Not Fried • No Glutamat • No GMO • 60g

  • Rice Cakes

    Rice Cakes

    Whole grain brown rice snacks. A real treat for the senses – extremely crunchy, with fine or distinguished flavor, and most importantly – 100% natural.

  • Rice Cake Bars

    Rice Cake Bars

    100% Belgian Chocolate! Delicious & Diet friendly! • Gluten Free • No Preservatives • No Artificial Flavours • No Artificial Colour • Belgium Chocolate • Good Source of Fibers • No GMO • 90g

  • Raw Protein Bars

    Raw Protein Bars

    Vegan bars developed especially for sportsmen and those who are looking for a suitable source of proteins from purely vegetable origin. Considering healthy lifestyle and people on diet, we produced unique raw bars, without any heat treatment, based only on natural ingredients and containing best quality rice protein.

  • Raw Halva

    Raw Halva

    Sugar-free bars for lovers of healthy snacks. Sesame together with dates not only taste great but also fill your stomach and provides fast energy. The bar contains much-needed proteins & many minerals. Halva is a good choice for light breakfast, dessert after lunch or pocket-size snack for your trip.

  • Raw Energy Bars

    Raw Energy Bars

    A range of healthy fruit bars, produced without any heat treatment and made of purely natural ingredients. Complement energy fast, add vitamins, minerals and fiber and help restoring the body’s natural balance.

  • Protein Rice Chips

    Protein Rice Chips

    Exremelly healthy yet super delicious rice crispy chips with vegetal proteins. A subtaintial all day long snack!