A wide range of olive oils including PDO Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, traditional olive oiland exceptional Olive Oil Blends, available in a big variety of packaging to meet all your culinary and healthy diet needs.

A selection of scrumptious, locally grown Greek olives, plain or stuffed with carefully chosen ingredients, free of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Eximious all natural Messolonghiou Salt, the famous Himalayan Salt and a special collection created by blending the essence of natural herbs and spices with the wholesomeness of 100% natural sea salt harvested from the Aegean Sea. 

An assortment of organic delicacies made of the finest vegetables grown in the Greek soil and under all the international standards of Organic Certification.

A selected range of traditional Greek ready –to-serve traditional appetizers. Made from native natural products which form the backbone of the healthy Mediterranean Diet. Free of preservatives or other chemical additives.

A great collection of pasteurized Homemade Dips and Chutneys based on authentic Greek recipes. Delicious and ready-to- serve, ideal for adding a gourmet touch to your meal!

Delicious handcrafted cookies and breadsticks made with the finest ingredients grown in the Greek soil and baked yummy mini pretzels.

Indulge yourself with this high end line of exquisite honeys and dessert spreads. In elegant packaging, ready to serve and enjoy!

A great range of low calorie GLUTEN FREE all day Snacks based on brown rice and a selection of raw Energy Bars made from purely natural ingredients. Delicious and healthy.

WHAT KABASSI Healthy Greek Food DOES

KABASSI Healthy Greek Food was founded with the goal of helping people lead healthier lives by offering some of Greece’s finest natural foods such as Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greek Olives, Salts and Bio Delicacies worldwide. This simple goal guides our selection process for products to put on the market. One way to accomplish this is to work with selected, trusted local producers and growers who use the highest quality ingredients to package the very best in homemade flavors so our products look and taste like they were made one package at a time yet, quality stays consistent.


Our outstanding variety of healthy choices in Olive Oil includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PDO Kalamata), Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Messinia Region and a great collection of Salad Oils and Olive Oil Blends. KABASSI Healthy Greek Food offers all Greek varieties Olives in 18 different flavors in superbly attractive packaging- all grown in our selected Olive groves by local farmers, free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Our Organic Delicacies are made of the finest Bio vegetables grown in the Greek soil and under international standards of Organic certification.

WHAT KABASSI Healthy Greek Food AIMS

KABASSI Healthy Greek Food distributes a large number of products internationally over wholesale channels on all 5 continents abiding by the rules of the International Export Trade. Our people are committed to providing our clientele- international chains and distributors, as well as individual stores – with healthy foods and beverages made from the freshest, finest ingredients. We work closely with our clientele also to respond to their local market needs by continuously identifying new tasty and healthy culinary ideas.

Alex Demertzioglou
General Manager


Afroditi Toumbeli
Assistant to the Manager


Kostis Nini
Sales Merchandiser


Natalie Chatzicharalambous
Marketing Assistant


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