Raw Protein Bar Cocoa Beans

Raw Protein Bar Cocoa Beans

Bar = 50g

Non-roasted cocoa beans are, according to the latest nutrition trends, considered to be real superfood, and their exceptional taste of dark chocolate is also real pleasure for all our senses. Combined with dates, cocoa, cocoa beans and especially a good quality rice protein, this bar is designed for all who want to reduce deep fat, build muscle and improve physical condition. Proteins contained in rice protein are also a suitable food supplement for those who prefer only vegetable nutrition.

raw protein bar with cocoa beans

no preservatives
no additives
gluten free
dairy free
soy free
no added sugar.

Contains only naturally occurring sugars.
Raw production.

-dates 60%,
-rice protein 22%,
-cocoa beans 9%,
-cocoa 9%

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